The girl disappears and Roger leans over to Emily
“This is strange. This is déjà vu. I have this recurring dream about recurring waitresses..”
“Its just a coincidence”
The drinks arrive. They drink in silence. The piano player plays ‘In a Sentimental Mood’.
“Now what about the book?”
“O” says Roger “the book.”
He takes out a pen and writes something on a napkin wraps it in the newspaper he took from the cab and pushes across to Emily.
“No need to be so dramatic Roger really.”
Just then Dominique the first waitress arrives with their order and places it in front of them.
“Hello then’ says Roger “We thought you disappeared?”
Dominique embarrassed “’Sorry sir the kitchen was busy and I popped out for a smoke”
Emily unfolds the paper and reads the name on the napkin.
It reads “Prisoner’s Choice by Amy Arrowhead.

Emily is in her apartment at her computer googling Amy Arrowhead and finds a Wikipedia entry:
Amy Arrowhead native American Shawnee medicine woman in prison in Anchorage Alaska having been found guilty of murder, attempted murder, larceny and fraud. The article goes on to say Amy is a populist charismatic figure who had organized and encouraged civil disobedience protesting against corporate assault and rape of tribal lands. The accusations the article goes on to say are questionable and the whole thing looks like a frame up.
Emily crosses to the kitchen to make a cup of tea then settles down to read “Prisoner’s Choice”.

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