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“How did you hear about us? Who sent you” she said. “When I woke this morning I said to the universe I’m ready for the next phase of this amazing journey and the universe responded as she often does through facebook where a friend told me you were looking for...


Cerise She said her name was Cerise. When she asked me where I was going I said “Cerise, I’m going to the end of the line. I’m going all the way. I am going to take this thread and run with it and see how it unravels” “What you mean unravels?” “Unravels could mean...

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A Flat Bed Truck named Desire

Desire was entirely desirable. We met in a smoky club. I was drinking a health drink – J&B and orange juice and was on my third or fourth. She was wearing a short crochet skirt, knee high applique Tibetan boots and a shabby leather jacket, outrageous accessories and...

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“Why is it that words like these seem dull and cold? Is it because there is no word tender enough to be your name?” “Huh?“ she said. her dark eyes flashing. “Joyce” he said. “Joyce?” “James” “Oh. Joyce James. I love her work."

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My Aunt’s Umbrella

Harry had never been to the track before and he had no idea how to lay a bet. He watched the punters exchanging banter and bookies in their shirtsleeves and vests shouting the odds. He massaged his last threadbare ten dollar bill between finger and thumb as if it were...

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Harry the Horse

The light oozed through a nicotine stained shade and puddled around the disheveled room. Harry sat on his unmade bed with his head in his hands softly sighing, rocking as if in prayer. Soft strains of the Razumovsky Quartet filtered through the walls punctuated by the...

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She was in love and hadn’t stopped telling everyone how great her boyfriend was when he staggered in with a huge bunch of ranunculus dead drunk at 3 in the afternoon. He took three steps to the table dropped the flowers and then fell on the floor revealing the baggage...

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The Art of Owning a Room, like Bertha

How do you own a room? Perhaps, much like this ‘Large Nude’ who commands your attention. …Who delivers a thousand meanings in her expression. …Whose own gaze observes your response to her. Covering 500 x 400 cm of canvas, ‘Bertha’ was first painted four years ago in...

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Blue Sky

The church service was held in the big open yard. It took me a few minutes to take this all in as I walked around. I made for the area behind the kitchen where the few long term prisoners gathered, murderers all. Their leader a tall simple man called Bloubaadjie which...

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